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Trade time for money ⁉️

Never again! I would like to take this opportunity today to tell you my story:  

I´ve been thinking long about whether to write this or not: 

Because now i am financially and professionally free. Today I just paid off all my debts within one year. 

Back in 2003, i opened my nail salon out of unemployment

with the help of Me Incorporated.

I really loved my job, had the first employee after already one year and the next one after two years.

My nail salon was my life ❣

Over the years, however, it turned out that having employees also bring trouble and problems with it. As soon as they trained, they start their own business and take customers with them. That´s like a stab in the back and financially simply not possible in the long run. And then try to find someone who is good at doing this job. I´ve constantly invested in the business.  I have hardly afforded anything privately… Buying clothes or going on vacation for 7 days weren´t just possible. Instead, I reinvested in the business and borrowed money again and again. 

Anytime in the early summer of 2015, I felt the urge more and more:

I haven´t settled yet! 

There´s something else I have to do… 

Maybe that was my change in fortune!

Does this sound familiar to you? 

Always being the last person who comes to the barbecue because you work till 8:30pm?- 

Anyway, i sat in front of the tv one night and watched a green meadow on “Youtube“  because I wasn´t able to enjoy anything in private life or even go out into the nature after having a 14 hours day at work and constant trouble.

Then, thank god, the situation changed:

A colleague from my nail salon – my “strongest“ competitor Sandra Schwalm back then, - who made excellent nails, called me and said: Annette, I´ve found something:

That´s awesome!! You really have to try it. After some hesitation, I agreed and tried the sensational anti-cellulite cream. Anyone who knows me, knows that I was always looking for extraordinary products, that I could sell in my salon as an additional business. Because the margin of nail care products is not that high.  

For 13 years I haven´t raised the prices of my nails, concerned that customers would more and more go to low-cost competitors. When I saw the result after 5 hours, what happened to my leg… I had only one thought: If this really works and helps, THAT is the revolution and sensation on the world market. However, with ONE picture… before/after! How are you supposed to tell people that it really works?!

Thank god, I had the trust and bonus of my customers. They let me put cream on their legs and thus I collected more and more pictures.

However, at the beginning people simply laughed at me, you can´t even imagine that. 

Look at Annette! Ha ha … 😉

As my colleague and meanwhile friend always says: “We put the tracks in the swamp.“ That´s what it is! That´s not an advertisement, please don´t get me wrong. I can only tell you, that this cream completely turned my life upside down. After only eight weeks I knew, that THIS will be my life. There was nothing I wanted more than being a part of the company. During this time, I met great people, who completely supported me, and where team spirit and recognition are the priority. That´s what I needed. It was so much fun, that I decided to sell my nail salon without a second thought.

I had two jobs for more than nine months.

I woke up very early and went to bed late, to set up the cosmetics business before and after my work. But it was so much fun, that i was okay with all that “stress”. Finally, I had my life assurance paid out and calculated how long I could get along with it, in order to build up my business without an income.  

After a total of eight months I made it. My lovely and the only “remaining“ coworker has bought the business and for both of us, it was fate! She had an all set up business with an excellent reputation.

My commission payments started at 76.23€ in the first month. 

Today I am financially free…

Why am I writing you this story?

I just want to encourage you, that you eventually should risk something too, that you should get involved into something completely unknown. Now, I put all my eggs in one basket, and knew that I am in the right company.

I understand the skepticism:

90% of all people have an opinion and there are only 10% of facts left. However, I can only tell you that those 10% of facts have changed my life!

Not everyone has to sell their business right away, but whoever integrates those products into their business, can really generate a great and easy extra income, without working hard or for example working as a cleaner. As a service provider you can accept fewer customers, you have more free time for yourself and your family! How does this sound?

Now my question is:

How much time do YOU need to earn 30€ net?! 


You sell a cream and get 30€ net!  

You don´t have any obligation at any time, and that´s what attracted me back then:

  • Small to no warehousing
  • The goods are shipped by Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.
  • No minimum sales or minimum orders
  • You DO NOT promise something that can be seen in only 6 months, but within minutes to 2-3 hours.

And because it´s just that simple: 

  • Before photo
  • Apply the cream
  • After photo
  • Celebrate the result!

Meanwhile, there is an independent assessment and a study which proves that it really works! 

  • Whether you are looking for a part-time job
  • Are a retired person
  • Single mother
  • Self-employed
  • Nail stylist
  • Hairdresser
  • Fitness trainer
  • Yoga instructor
  • Pharmacist
  • Boutique owner
  • Beautician
  • Lingerie shop owner
  • Erotic studio owner
  • want to start full-time… no matter what you do, give it a try!

And hey, I was a little “nail chick“, I had no idea about Network Marketing…

In my opinion, you can earn money in an easier way, in order to improve your financial situation or to build your pension. If you have cosmetics that show immediate results in a sustainable way… That´s the market! 90% of all women suffer from cellulite. 

Why are there so many posts on FB? Because everyone is just so excited and want to share it with the world!



(always provided, that you use the products by following the instructions and apply them consistently!)  

We are a Billion Dollar Market, where no one likes to get older and want to look younger.

And now the hair restorer!

The „Pearl of Sea“ Day and Night cream…Results to watch! All products are plant-based and without animal testing! All i can say is, that this was the best decision of my life! Because after 11 months I had reached the highest career level together with my sponsor and nail designer Sandra Schwalm. Meanwhile I am financially free. I finally have the freedom I always wanted. 

If you need tips or support, please send me a DM or call me.


At the end of August 2015, I got to know the anti-cellulite cream by a dear colleague in my nail salon. Back then, I tried to „get rid of” her, because I had already tried so many products and applications against that “hail damage”, which NEVER yield a result.

Without further ado, we made an appointment and I got into the “before and after experiment“. We took photos, put on the cream, and after 5 hours we´ve seen the sensational, visible result! I was so surprised that i just thought:  If this really works, it´s a billion-dollar business, because almost EVERY woman is so unhappy with her body.”  I ordered the starter kit and started right away. I put on the cream on every lady, who also wanted to test the effectiveness. More and more before and after photos were added, showing that it works!

Legs got skinnier

After less than 4 weeks, I have massively reduced waist circumference and my legs got skinnier, the skin became firm, tighter, and somehow silky smooth. Even my mother noticed it. She is a very critical person and didn´t know anything about this “project“. Suddenly I fit into my old jeans, which were lying in the closet for 3 years. That was such a wonderful feeling!

Regular application important:

You should really apply the cream on a regular basis, twice a day for 90 days consistently to get a sustainable result. Do a peeling before. (I take organic coco oil and bath salt) Then, via the free app “TOXFOX” you can check your shower and shampoo products, which you use and replace them if necessary. It´s worth knowing that care products mostly contain paraffins (petroleum), which make the skin sticky, so that the high-quality active ingredients of the Effect Cosmetics can´t get through.

How the cream works:

I recommend to using disposable gloves. After applying, the skin will be warm for an hour, it tingles a little bit.  

This ensures a good blood circulation. After a week, this effect stopped, and the skin has gotten used to it. You could get to the next level. Please start with a small amount of cream and increase the amount if necessary – The cream purifies, dehydrates and detoxicates. After the 4th to 6th week you notice that the stool gets oilier. The fat gets excreted here. Please drink PLENTY OF water and tea. This will enormously support the purification process. After the 90 days, it´s enough to continue the care of the skin with the “sensitive” cream. Or you use the wonderful tightening “Firming Body Lotion”.

Sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you should use the “Cellulite Sensitive Cream“!

The ani-cellulite cream contains active ingredients combinations, that can improve the appearance of cellulite in a quick and sustainable way. After one week initial redness and the feeling of warmth are reducing, a sign that the effect runs at full speed.

Due to the combination of highly concentrated active ingredients, the Cellulite lumps and dimples can be visibly balanced and smoothed. The appearance of cellulite can be sustainably mitigated.

It contains highly effective plant extracts, which unfold their effect in a 6-to-step-process:

  • Visible improvement of blood circulation (erythema).
  • Sensible heat development.
  • Improvement of nutrient supply.
  • Smoothing of the skin.
  • Firming of the skin texture.
  • Harmonizing of the skin appearance.

Effect Cosmetics with long-term effect:

Does not mean that the effect is immediately gone: the so-called “Cinderella Effect”! Here, you keep the result in a sustainable way – if you continue to use the sensational products of Dr. Juchheim for your skin care.   

Sports / healthy diet / skin care at home

…the ideal combination for those who want to get their summer body ready. 😉

The power effect is created by highly concentrated plant extracts and circulation-promoting raw materials. The interaction of these active substances contributes to the reduction of volume and substance of the skin, the structures are strengthened and harmonized.

The effect of the powerful cream can be comparable to a body lift.

We are more than happy about that!

Eat, Feel, Look Good. What would it mean, if there is a nutritional supplement line, that is scientifically sound and proven by studies, reverses the aging process, to burn our fat, gives us more energy and provides our 100 trillion of cells with the optimal nutrient supply?  

All this in less than 24-72 hours noticeable and visible for a measurable before-after-WOW-effect? That´s exactly Effect Food® by Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics. Available on February 3rd, 2018.

Visible silky smooth and tighten skin in a few minutes!

My personal insider tip…

An internal short story:

After we „Düsseldorfer“ (citizens of Düsseldorf) came back from the congress, we had our business opportunity meeting right again on Monday. We could not believe the results, because we only tested them once on the evening after the congress and on the next morning. The results were striking.  

We walked around like „chicken with their heads cut off“ and were really happy to see our Dr. Juchheim succeeded. I love putting cream on my face twice every day. 😉 


  • Plant-based only 
  • No parabens
  • No paraffins
  • No animal testing
  • 70 ml / 2.5 fl. oz. content

Visible results after only a few minutes

Find some product reviews from our enthusiastic users! You can literally see how the skin changes. Mostly 20 minutes are enough. You can follow me on Facebook, there, i will daily upload new photos. 

If I share my enthusiasm, all those interested will try the cream and see a change only after a few minutes. 


There is NO natural cosmetics which does that in a minimum of time. When regularly applying morning and evening, you will get a long-term, long-lasting result.   

In my opinion, the breakthrough in the cosmetics industry! 

The products are UNISEX.

Please contact me for more information. Phone: +49 176 - 443 31 18

You can order here!

Those hair growth serums for man & women were developed by Dr. med. Jürgen Juchheim completely without chemistry, hormones or any side effects. With this, he has achieved a breakthrough in the beauty industry.

Let´s be honest!

A hair restorer that works? Either it works for a short time, contains chemistry or hormones, or the hair is falling out afterwards. Nothing really helped. Affected people are sometimes so desperate! All those problems seem to be solved if you look at the first pictures of the users. Dr. Juchheim has developed a hair serum that is effective with any kind of hair loss: 

  • Diffuse hair loss
  • Hereditary hair loss (androgenic alopecia)
  • Circular hair loss (alopecia areata)
  • Hormonal hair loss

I am absolutely convinced that this is the breakthrough!

  • NO hormones
  • NO animal testing
  • No side effects
  • Plant-based only

After 2 months we have noticed that the hair color can change. No one has expected such quick preliminary results. The hair growth is completely individual, for some it grows very faster, for others it just takes a little longer. Considering that the recommendation of application is at least 6 months, you should be patient and above all apply consistently!

Don´t forget the before and after photo and post it on Facebook. I am totally excited for all affected people!

For the ladies:

I am totally excited and can say from my own experience that the serum is a blessing for the women. The hair will get stronger, easier to style, you will have no more flyaway problems and your hair will look more voluminous & shinier! A perfect appearance… 

  • Click here for the product “ Woman“
  • Click here for the product “ Man“

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Content will follow soon.

1x Lactoferrin Defense* Kapseln

1 Dose enthält 60 Kapseln. Dies reicht für 1 Monat.
2 Kapseln pro Tag ist die empfohlene Dosierung.

Lactoferrin Defense* Kapseln enthalten hochwertiges aufgereinigtes Lactoferrin in Kombination mit Zinkhistidin und natürlichem Camu-Camu Vitamin C.
Für Weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie mich gerne.
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Content will follow soon.